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Unable to list Unwatched TV Shows on Plex server on Nvidia Shield

I have managed to create a TV show library and link it to my NAS box. It listed the various TV shows I have and I have quickly gone through and marked as watched those shows where I have watched every episode.

I now want to just look at those I have outstanding. From a PC web interface every time I change it form All to Unwatched I get an Unexpected Error loading this library. From Plex directly on the Nvidia Shield it sits there for about a minute showing all TV shows, then every show disappears and I am left with a blank screen with just the headers.

The only way to get out of this is to remove the Unwatched flag and then everything reappears again.

Can someone please advise why this is?

Using my PC server the transition from All to unwatched is a second or two tops. Switching movies to unwatched works, but is a lot slower than my pc server.

The whole purpose for buying the Shield was to run it as the server so I didn't need my PC running. Right now I am about to return it as its just not fit for purpose.


  • shadow_dreamer1@hotmail.comshadow_dreamer1@hotmail.com Posts: 4Members ✭✭

    Out of interest I am also unable to sort by unwatched. I can sort by air date, critic rating, title (A-Z and Z-A) but as soon as I select Unwatched it sits there for a minute then gives me a blank screen until I press < to the home screen

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