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Distorted sound on some channels

Hi all

Recently I've experienced distorted sound on some channels (e.g. TED, HD Trailers, Apple Movie Trailers). While the video is fine, the sound comes out very deep and low and is completely garbled. As far as I can tell this was not related to a PMS or Samsung Plex update (i.e. all was working fine immediately after the latest updates).

Puzzlingly, it reverted to playing normally... but is now showing the problem again. I did play around with various settings when trying to fix it but can't pinpoint what I might have done to make it play OK again - or what I might have changed to make the problem reappear (nothing as far as I can tell). So seems unrelated to the settings.

The same channels work fine on Plex Web or Plex Media Player.

Looks like an audio transcode problem?

Has anyone encountered the same issue... and managed to fix it?


I have the latest PMS whatever version that is, and 2.007 for Samsung Plex, on a 2012 TV. I did a couple of PMS downgrades to various previous versions and was still having the problem.


  • BoupBoup Posts: 25Members ✭✭

    It was the samsung.xml issue... in a new incarnation, since the related comments I've seen were are about no sound or an 'unable to play' message. But swapping the Plex file with Orca's did the trick.

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