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Can't see synced items in phone's location

BiertBiert Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
edited May 8 in Android (mobile)

My boyfriend has a Plex account added to my "My Home" users. He uses the Android app on a Nexus 5X. Today he renamed his account (and changed the e-mail address) and ever since he can no longer access synced items on his phone.

When he selects the local storage from the list of servers, nothing shows up. He can browse and play from my server, and he can sync from the server to his phone, but nothing shows up. Items that were synced before renaming are not accessible either, although the do show up as synced when browsing on the server. The Sync status screen shows the synced items.

We have tried removing the previously synced items, wiping cache, wiping data, rebooting the phone, reinstalling the app, re-adding the user to "My Home", but nothing works. Plz send help.


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