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Cannot download codecs (Not Found)

FapikoFapiko Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I've recently run into an issue where I can't download codecs - the plex.tv API returns with a 404 Release with version c9ea179-1157 not found response to the request.

My server is trying to grab the codec from the following URL:

I just updated to version Is this an issue with my server requesting the wrong url, or the API missing something? I was previously able to play this file fine - in fact I'm trying to resume it over halfway through. I get similar errors on almost all of the content I try to view now, after upgrading plex.

I've seen previous posts about codec issues due to file permissions on the server, but since I'm getting a 404 back from the API I tend to believe there's an issue with the version in the request or the API is barfing.


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