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Lip Sync issue playing Blu Ray rips

I've had this issue for a while now. Basically, anytime I try and play a Blu Ray rip (1080p, DTS 5.1) from my friend's server, the audio is ~150ms off sync. Then it'll start to buffer to, I assume, to 'catch up'. However, I DO NOT have any issues with Lip Sync on my Android app.

Not sure how necessary this is, but the equipment involved is The Samsung 4K player UBD-K8500, playing on a Samsung UN65JS8500, with a Yamaha RX-V679BL receiver. My ISP is Comcast (100 down, 15 up) and the 4K player is on a wired connection.

I've messed with the quality of the video and it doesn't help. I've had issues with this on my Roku and my Smart TV app. I've since put my TV on wifi only and disconnected the Roku, and kept the player wired for convenience (and since it has most apps I use anyway).

Not sure if anyone has any troubleshooting tips, but this is getting pretty annoying. Thanks in advance.

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