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Resume play from not working from iOS app

thesamrohdeshowthesamrohdeshow Members, Plex Pass Posts: 1 Plex Pass
in iOS

Hey all,

Resume play from ...... isn't working for me anymore through the iOS app. It starts playback but from the beginning of the file only. Really frustrating.

I'm running version and via latest iOS app. If attempting to do this via the web player it works fine.

Plex media server is on raspberry Pi 3 but I don't think that makes a difference as web player works properly.

File types are .mp4 and .mkv, again playback resumes from last location via web browser so don't think that's a factor either..

Any help here would be appreciated.



  • santtossanttos Members Posts: 2

    same here and even on android is the same.

  • SerneumSerneum Members, Plex Pass Posts: 21 Plex Pass

    Also seeing this in build 10293

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