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Video Quality PMP - OSX

dhd_03dhd_03 Posts: 18 ✭✭

So after getting an answer to how to full "tv-fullscreen" Plex media player, I go to watch video, and it looks lie crap. Checked settings, says its playing in original format. So went on to my PC loaded PHT and it looks so much better, like it did on PHT on my Mac. Is there something I missed? or is PMP just a crappier program? It used to look like wa watching 720p video, cuz i was, now it looks like 480p which it shouldn't. From server to player everything is set to play original quality. Is there something i'm missing? I don't get it... so far really disappointed that I can no longer use PHT, feels like a massive step backwards. May just use a net drive and vlc if this is what it's going to be like.

IT would also be awesome if they could use a layout that was more functional like PHT, rather then tons of varying sizes of images and less content. Less ability to easily show what you want, less of everything really. very disappointed in plex with these changes.


  • DaveBinMDaveBinM Posts: 813 Plex Ninja

    If you start playing something while using the "TV mode", and then press i on your keyboard, it'll bring up an overlay with some information which might help with seeing what's going on with the video. If you could provide that, alongside some logs, that would be great :)

  • atrusatrus Posts: 11,090 Plex Ninja

    (just to add to Daves comment: The video quality is not supposed to be worse by any means. It is supposed to be on par or even better than PHT in some cases. If it is not, then give Dave the logs and the debug overlay screenshot that he requested.)

  • DaveBinMDaveBinM Posts: 813 Plex Ninja

    Okay, having had a look over your logs that you sent through, it would appear that PMP wasn't able to make a direct connection to your server, and as such, was treated as being remote. It also looks as if Direct Play is disabled (you really want that enabled to get the best quality from the player). Being remote, it look as if there was a bandwidth restriction in place of 1000kbps, which is what's forcing it to transcode down to such a low quality.

    Are PMP and PMS on the same local network?

  • dhd_03dhd_03 Posts: 18 ✭✭

    Yes PMP and PMS are on the same network.

    Where, how, do I find and change "direct play" to enable it? because from what i can see it is enabled on both ends, it is checked off in the settings. Or is this an effect of PMP and PMS not being able to understand they are on the same network?

    As well why would the plex systems think it is on a remote system or different networks? And is there a way to convince it they are on the same network, technically they are probably within 10 ft physically. They are also both hardwired into the same router. So is this some router config I need to change? Any reason why this was never an issue before, because i haven't changed any settings?

    Appreciate the help thanks.

  • DaveBinMDaveBinM Posts: 813 Plex Ninja

    It could possibly be an effect of having the two think they're on different networks. When looking at your server name in PMP, (top left corner in web, top right in TV mode, I think), does it say "Indirect" underneath? Posting some screen shots of what you see, and your setting page might help too :)

  • dhd_03dhd_03 Posts: 18 ✭✭

    I don't know what it says, i got really annoyed with plex as nothing works and a week without tv, because plex forces me to update my server, that was working fine, by not allowing apps to connect, then updating server, then all apps stop functioning properly, then PHT stop working completely, then OPHT does the same thing, then PMP runs like crap. I don't think this is working for me. I hate the PMP layout it is remote control unfriendly, it looks like a touch screen app. I was very happy with my setup before hand, and everything worked properly. I didn't even have to change any settings for it to all work properly. Now if i disable the remote settings i can't even use plex at home unless i run it off my server. WTF?!?!? I am think of 2 options, 1 try to uninstall everything and reinstall all of it, which is a bitch since i finally cleaned up most of my movies, tv and anime to show what has and hasn't been watched and iu'll have to do it all again. option 2 which is sounding like it is going to be the solution is to pull my HD from my PC , put it in a case, plug it into my mac and use vlc, since i know it will work without issues. Basically i don't see plex as being useful if it suddenly stops working when updates are available and after updating.

    I went through the settings, i went through a lot of stuff, i read a ton of stuff on here, nothing useful, and all in all i think plex just sold me on not using it anymore. I loved it when i found it, but i've been slowly finding it less useful. from inability to handle anime, to issues connecting whenever a server update is available but not applied, to this mess plex created on it's own. i frustrated and tired of trying to solve this everyday.

    Thanks for trying to point out some things, but so far from what i can tell the setting are all right, plex just refuses to run properly.

  • zpaolo11xzpaolo11x Posts: 964 ✭✭✭

    @dhd_03 said:
    I don't know what it says, i got really annoyed with plex as nothing works and a week without tv, because plex forces me to update my server, that was working fine, by not allowing apps to connect, then updating server, then all apps stop functioning properly, then PHT stop working completely, then OPHT does the same thing, then PMP runs like crap.

    I think you have some issue here, never had such problems in my experience, and I've used PHT, PMP and OpenPHT

    Now if i disable the remote settings i can't even use plex at home unless i run it off my server.

    That's not normal of course. Can you describe how your network is configured, and how your devices are connected to that network?

    option 2 which is sounding like it is going to be the solution is to pull my HD from my PC , put it in a case, plug it into my mac and use vlc, since i know it will work without issues.

    If you consider "option 2" as viable that makes me think you don't really "need" Plex at all. I could not go back to the mess and limitations of external drives and VLC, not after being spoiled by Plex multi-client support and centralized server.

  • dhd_03dhd_03 Posts: 18 ✭✭

    had a bad day yesterday, xbox crashed, screwed hours of save game data, had lots of pain as well, and lost my **** at plex not working.

    To be honest every time there is a server update, it messes with my plex and its infuriating. Could you imagine if everytime windows or mac had an update you hadn't applied yet your computer refused to work? And no this is not just me, as others i know that run plex have the exact same problem. in fact everyone i know has issues when there is a plex server update. Only most of their problems, as mine had been in the past, are fixed by updating PMS.

    Oh as a side note PMS made me feel like i had PMS and i'm a dude.

    option 1 was a bitch as finding uninstall instructions, or really anything on plex forums gives you useless stuff that doesnt relate, as i found while posting various issues. Searching through duckduckgo was more useful and it linked to plex pages... i guess thats why search engines exist. i have uninstalled everything, will try a clean install if that fails i think that's it for me.

    Option 2 is what basically what i've been doing for a week as plex doesnt work. so i may prefer PHT layout, and being able to stream to my mobile devices, having no option with plex not working at the moment, VLC is my only option. Yeah i like being able to see images and summary of what stuff is as it's easier then remember what everything, but what use is it when i cant see jack squat and the play back is garbage. So VLC is what it is, and it actually plays things in proper quality.

    My local network is a router that all my computers Mac and PC are hardlined into. The wifi is used for mobile. I have a double NAT system for external remote use which i fixed with DMZing one of them.

    I am not as up to date on current stuff as i used to be, but i can usually solve computer/program issues on my own or with some knowledge base help. These issues were confusing and make no sense as all the setting should have been fine. and none of it started until i was forced to update PMS. It's funny i remember the first time plex refused to run, i was like wtf it worked earlier today, then 2 days later after not figuring it out i asked my bro and he said, yeah that's just what happens when plex releases a new PMS version. and i was like really? why would they stop your programs from running? and then every time since then if there is a PMS update same ****. Gladly never happened when i was traveling, but i usually have some media on devices when i travel anyways for when i have no service.

    Anyways, i'm gonna try a clean install shortly and i'll post if it worked.

  • dhd_03dhd_03 Posts: 18 ✭✭

    lol after clean install i can't even access plex though my server. so uhm yeah... i'm guessing its PMS. maybe all this PMP issues is just a side effect of PMS issues. maybe try to deal with this tonight if i feel like wasting more time. it's funny that when i originally setup plex it was easy straight forward, just using it remote was an issue but easily solved. now it's ridiculous. oh well.

  • cayarscayars Posts: 3,768 Plex Ninja
    edited May 19

    Just an observation but you were asked questions from people trying to help you solve your issue and instead of answering the information asked you gave us a couple posts of "venting". :)

    We get you're having a hard time BUT we want to help you as there is something off a bit in your configuration that once fixed will be a huge difference. We can't help you if you're not helping us to help you.

    So let's get this problem solved for you. I have a few questions that will help us understand your setup:

    1) What is the IP, netmask and gateway settings on your Plex Server?

    2) Same question for your computer running PMP.

    3) Please do a trace route from the PMP machine to the Plex server and copy/paste the output here

    4) In PMP what do you have set for REMOTE and LOCAL quality settings?

    5) On your server in settings/network what do you have for:
    a) LAN Networks
    b) List of IP addresses and networks that are allowed without auth
    c) Enable HTTP Pipelining

    6) On your server in settings/remote access what do you have for:
    a) What does it show next to PRIVATE (ip and port)?
    b) What is your Internet upload speed set to?
    c) What is Limit remote stream bitrate set to?

    7) To the best of your knowledge does your network use VLANS, Guest networks or anything like that?

    8) Both the PMP and Plex Server machine are hardwired via 1Gb cable correct?


  • dhd_03dhd_03 Posts: 18 ✭✭
    edited May 23

    thanks for the thorough reply, i have to get PMS working first before i can do anything else. I cannot connect to pms even on the server except through pms. So for now i cannot do anything to even see if PMP is working or how it's working as nothing OPHT, PHT, PMP, nor browser can connect. So i will be dealing with this issue first.

    I guess i can give some info for the list but not sure if things will get change during getting PMS running.

    1) ip is, subnet mask is the same on both, not sure exactly what u want for gateway where do i find that?

    2)ip is 192...03, subnet same, not sure where i find the gateway info in PMP either

    3)traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 72 byte packets
    1 * * *
    2 * * *
    3 * * *
    4 * * *
    5 * * *
    6 * * *
    7 * * *
    8 * * *
    9 * * *
    10 * * *
    11 * * *
    12 * * *
    13 * * *
    14 * * *
    15 * * *
    16 * * *
    17 * * *
    18 * * *
    19 * * *
    20 * * *
    21 * * ( 1.558 ms

    4) both set to original

    a) not sure what exactly you want here, only LAN stuff listed is Enable local network discovery and it is enabled
    b) i didn't have anything in there
    c)http pipeline enabled

    a) at the moment remote access is disabled at the moment, and was for most of the time i've run plex. Occasionally turn it on when i travel. Which i had apparently not turned off after the last time, until i reinstalled PMS.
    b)don't see that on this page
    c)don't see this either

    7) No guest or vlan enabled, i have a DMZ for my xbox, and some port forwarding, that's about it.

    8)both machines are connected with ethernet to the same router.

    Mostly i run plex locally on several devices, PC, Mac, tablet. But since none of them can connect at the moment i need to figure that out first because i can't test anything or run anything since they won't connect. I've tried a several things, and searched for solutions, no success yet. So I may need to post to different forum page for help with that.

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