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FreeNAS: mount plexdata outside of jail?

sremicksremick Members, Plex Pass Posts: 1,149 Plex Pass

So after several years, my FreeBSD environment inside my jail aged to the point where it was too old compared to the ports system and I could no longer add/upgrade ports (since apparently you can't update the FreeBSD system within the jail). So I went through the process of making a new jail, setting things up from scratch, and then copying over /usr/local/plexdata which I had to do via tar to an archive on the mounted media share, since I hadn't had the forethought to have pre-installed rsync and couldn't install it now for the same reason. I imagine doing an rsync from the old jail to the new jail would've gone faster (at least saved 1/2 the time) but it occurred to me: why not also mount /usr/local/plexdata onto the FreeNAS storage outside of the jail in the same manner as the media? Then you would just mount both and be done with it. Has anyone else tried this?

As long as you didn't accidentally launch the pms daemon simultaneously in both jails, this seems like it would be safe, but I wonder what I'm missing...


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