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Video is skipping ahead

ArniedukeArnieduke Posts: 1Members

Running Plex 3.2.1 and OpenPHT on a Qnap TS-451+ and I'm viewing a video file through the Qnap's HDMI output. Multiple times during the video it stops and then skips ahead several minutes. If I rewind it does the exact same thing at the same point in the video. I tried changing the video playback settings and given the nature of the bug it seems to me it is not in any way hardware or resource related, otherwise it would not be so easily reproducible. This is not the only file this happens with and I'm at a loss with all the video options. I played with them already, but so far nothing seems to have an impact on the glitch.

Interesting enough if I go into Plex Media Server web app and play the video from there, the exact same thing happens. Does this make it a Plex Server issue?

Is there anyone who has experienced this AND been able to fix it?


  • dan-the-man-dan-the-man- Posts: 417Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    if you have the same issue with plexweb, then yea its a Plex Server issue or issue with your files etc

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