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Editing second season watched status also changes the first one

nexitemnexitem Posts: 7Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Hey guys, I've an issue with a TV show on my Plex server right now.
It's pretty hard to describe the issue I guess it's better to just show you guys

As you can see in this gifvideo, when I change the watched status of episode 17 in the second season, it also changes the watched status of the episode 17 in the first season.
It's a weird issue and only effects this series.

Also this issue happens on Plex for Android, Plex Media Player and Plex Web, so I guess it probably is an issue with the Plex server itself.

Thanks in advance for any help.


  • nexitemnexitem Posts: 7Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited May 2017

    Hex Plex support team, thanks for your helping suggestions.
    I'm really glad I purchased into that lifetime PlexPass a while ago...

    Anyway, after much trial and error I was able to remedy the situation by removing the whole series and adding it again to the library.


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