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No Media / Content / Library

dhd_03dhd_03 Posts: 18 ✭✭
edited May 12 in OpenPHT

Installed OPHT on 2 different computers same result no contet. I'm connected to PMS, but only thing that shows up is search and watch later. I have OPHT installed on OSX and Win7, same result. PMS is latest version, setting should be the same as they have always been unless the update of PMS really changed everything. PMP works fine has full library, it's just not a good design so i'd prefer not to use it. But now I cannot even see anything on OPHT, so not sure what to do.

Any one have an idea what is happening or what to change?

I don't now how to get logs for OPHT, turned on debugging... but not sure where to go from there.


  • dhd_03dhd_03 Posts: 18 ✭✭

    nothing? nobody got any ideas?

  • dhd_03dhd_03 Posts: 18 ✭✭

    so i'm thinking plex was fine till, as always, there was a server update. which i can always tell because all my apps stop working if i don't run current version of server. which is exactly what happened. then installed the update, and everything refused to run. loaded plex media player to try, which it is garbage, but it was running files in a terrible quality, which i still haven't been able to fix, posted for help a week ago no help thus far. then i spent a week trying to get help with no responses, tried to figure out why it wouldn't connect, or would connect with no media listed, failed, no obvious reason, setting are fine. In the mean time went back to vlc so i could actually watch something. Then came to the final decision plex is now crap and nobody helps you. So the solution is to pull my HD from my PC, put it in a case and plug it into my Mac. Use vlc and forget i ever used this, will miss seeing what is what easily, but this whole thing is a nightmare.

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