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keyboard mediakeys while plex is not in focus

RambaaZambaaRambaaZambaa Members Posts: 1
edited May 13 in Plex Media Player


at the moment my keyboards media-keys (play, pause, skip track) are only working while the Plex Media Player is on focus. Is it possible to enable them systemwide, so they are working even without focus? That would be awesome.


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  • DannyDanDannyDan Members, Plex Pass Posts: 11 Plex Pass

    Thats what I also want to know. Is it possible without making a feature request?


  • TheMooDudeTheMooDude Members, Plex Pass Posts: 189 Plex Pass

    This. A thousand times this! This is pretty much THE reason I still use the UWP for primary playback. Give me proper media key support (and windows media hooks too- so I can see what's playing in the little playback toast that appears on skip / volume change) and I'll be sold completely.

  • fizzlepopfizzlefizzlepopfizzle Members Posts: 1

    +1 for global media keys

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