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Plex Media Server imports apple lossless music m4a files as video mp4 container files

tonycv51tonycv51 Posts: 7Members ✭✭
edited December 2017 in DLNA


hope someone can help - am trying to use plex as a media server with the WHAALE app . My itunes music library appears but when i navigate to an album in the app there is no music. I've asked the app provider who's looked at the logs and says res protocol info shows as video/mp4 for these files from plex, hence it wont show them as it's a music app. No music appears in the itunes channel either

Files play on plex on the server PC itself, and the same files can be accessed and played in the WHAALE app using Universal Media Server pointing at the same library, same files copied onto USB play fine from my router usb server function but i would like to standardise on PLex as it shows album art within WHAALE that the others don't

Are there some settings in plex i can access to change this ?

Plex Server is running on windows 10 , WHAALE app is running on iphone 6 on iOS 10.3, and get same on ipad mini 2


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