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two-part movies

cdrracingcdrracing Posts: 44Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I have a movie that is in two parts (Anne of Green Gables), it was brought to my attention that part 2 was not playing. I did some testing and I think it's a problem with the iOS app.
Play the movie in Plex web: Movie starts and it says it's 1:37:00 long, once that time is reached part 2 automatically starts and the movie continues to completion
Play the movie on the Android app: Exact same as above
Play the movie on the iOS app: Movie starts and it says it's 3:15:00. Once the movie reaches the 1:37:00 part 1 starts playing again until it reaches the 3:15:00 mark, at which point plex completes the movie and returns to the menu.

I can't imagine it's something I'm doing wrong since it works without coaxing on both plex web and android, however if anyone has any ideas (or a better place to report bugs) I'm all ears.

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