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Will PMS ever allow Plex data on adopted storage?

paulblueskiespaulblueskies Posts: 50Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
edited May 16 in NVIDIA SHIELD

OK, so in my naivety I assumed when I added a fast USB3 HDD to the Shield, formatted it as internal storage, and migrated all data over to it, that the PMS data would go with it. I have the 16GB model, about 1,400 movies and somewhere around 5,000 TV show episodes. The only files that PMS will place on the adopted storage are logs and database backups as well as PVR recordings but the database itself and all of the images it refuses to move, and last night it was using 8.65GB of the 11GB shared internal storage and the Shield was complaining about running out of room. I have switched off some screenshots and got the PMS usage down to 8.25GB, but if I add more content I'm just going to be back in a hard place.

And don't go telling me I should have purchased the Pro edition - really hard to source here in Australia!

Is there any chance PMS will allow its data to be migrated to adopted storage on the Shield? Pretty please! :-)

Thanks and Blueskies, Paul


  • xEtherealxxEtherealx Posts: 38Members ✭✭

    Same boat, and I really need a fix. My 16Gb partition fills up immediately if I scan my entire library and this just adds to a long list of things that don't seem to work in Android TV.

  • paulblueskiespaulblueskies Posts: 50Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    So now I cannot even download the PMS update because there is not sufficient storage space! I have 2TB drive formatted as Internal Storage and I cannot download an app update!

    So again I ask the Plex employees, is there anyway to configure PMS to not use the Shared Internal Storage for its assets and instead migrate them to adopted Internal Storage? Now or in the future?

    To the general audience, is there anyway to do this outside of PMS? Symbolic links or such?

    Thanks and Blueskies, Paul

  • xEtherealxxEtherealx Posts: 38Members ✭✭

    You could root and symlink of course, but Plex should just fix this.

  • xEtherealxxEtherealx Posts: 38Members ✭✭

    I tried moving the entire data directory but this didn't work:

    su -
    cp -pr /data/data/com.plexapp.mediaserver.smb /mnt/expand/3667ca46-cc48-4800-841f-97e4bd4fa446/user/0/
    rm -r /data/data/com.plexapp.mediaserver.smb
    ln -s /mnt/expand/3667ca46-cc48-4800-841f-97e4bd4fa446/user/0/com.plexapp.mediaserver.smb /data/data/com.plexapp.mediaserver.smb

    And after moving it my directory had been erased, leaving a broken symlink.

  • xEtherealxxEtherealx Posts: 38Members ✭✭

    Tried moving just Metadata and Media subfolders also, but it seems that Plex is running into permissions errors on creating directories through the symlinks.

  • VaylanVaylan Posts: 15Members Plex Pass

    I think this is like an agreement between plex and nvidia so people buy the pro version. Because if plex wanted to fix this issue they would have done that long time ago.

  • kegobeer-plexkegobeer-plex Posts: 5,370Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Ninja

    @Vaylan said:
    I think this is like an agreement between plex and nvidia so people buy the pro version. Because if plex wanted to fix this issue they would have done that long time ago.

    Nope. The reasons for why they keep certain things in protected system areas have been discussed a lot. Search around a bit.

    Where are my log files?

    How do I properly name my media files?

    NVIDIA SHIELD SMB/NAS Sharing How-To - / - NVIDIA SHIELD Support Documents

    Plex Server: 1.8.0 running on ThinkServer TS140 w/Server 2012 R2 Essentials
    Primary Plex Player: Shield TV, always the latest beta build, always the latest firmware revision

  • BanzaiInstituteBanzaiInstitute Posts: 10Members ✭✭

    Whatever their reasons are, there's pretty much zero chance of me ever buying a Plex Pass without this feature. Plex can only manage a small part of my library because of this limitation.

  • ASiDiEASiDiE Posts: 50Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I have a plex pass and 2 shields but I really can't use them for my music cause as soon as I scan my library, I get out of space and then other apps start to crash. I say this has been discussed a lot but is this just users discussion or are ANY of the dev's getting involved and saying this can't be done. As it's been said before, you really can't use the power of the nvidia shield if you have a large media library and that's pretty sad.

  • davehowie1audavehowie1au Posts: 4Members ✭✭

    Exact same situation, very large library which takes up all the 'internal' 16gb storage. Bought a 128gb microsd card hoping it would fix the problem. Anyhow, I refuse to purchase a lifetime plex pass until this issue is resolved. Given that the devs don't seem to comment on this issue, it just cements my position. I was hoping since Nvidia Experience 5.2 came out, where it allows DVR data to be recorded strait on a NAS, that they would allow the database to be stored remotely. But to no avail. So, I will continue to use Kodi for all media streaming, until Plex can pull their finger out.

  • paulblueskiespaulblueskies Posts: 50Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    On one hand it is comforting to know that I am not alone in my suffering, but on the other hand it is frustrating that we have no response from Plex as to whether and when this issue will be rectified.

    The bottom line is, if you plan to use the Plex Media Server (PMS) on an nVidia Shield TV 16GB model and you have more than about 6,000 pieces of media, which includes movies, tv episodes, music tracks etc., then PMS will fill your "Shared Internal Storage" and the Shield will be crippled. Attempts to link or move the PMS metadata to any other storage, whether adopted internal storage or removable, will fail.

    I wish I had done my research with more diligence prior to purchasing the Shield 16GB and the lifetime Plex Pass. Anyway, I have decided that I cannot wait for Plex to acknowledge the issue so I have ordered the Pro version (500GB) of the Shield all the way from the U.S. Once I have that setup and running I will be selling the 16GB model (with clear warnings to possible buyers as detailed above).

    Blueskies, Paul
    Melbourne, Australia

  • NinaMomNinaMom Posts: 10Members ✭✭

    Please fix this Plex.


    Apps can be placed on adopted storage media only when the developer has indicated support through the android:installLocation attribute.

  • axeboxaxebox Posts: 26Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    It's a fair presumption that "Android will treat the USB Drive as internal storage" would mean this is the responsibility of the operating system, Android, since that is the feature of it.

    I'm unsure why it would be the responsibility of Plex to fix this, as it's a feature of the OS that shouldn't require any other configuration by the app, just based off of Android's own description about what the USB drive should act as.

    If Plex DOES need to do something, I am begging them to! Nowhere on Shield's box, manual or website notes of this crippling limitation to running a PMS on Shield. You would think this is an important fact to behold before spending $200 on the Shield and another $50 on a good USB stick.


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