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Hangs on playing video

FillynlFillynl Posts: 34Members ✭✭

I've tested this on numerous files, and Plex exhibits this on all of them. Say for instance I have an episode of a well-known tvshow lasting about 50 minutes playback will stall/freeze at least 2 times. I then have to hard reboot the machine and can resume playing from the last known position.
My log from around the time the last crash occurred can be found here.

  • Possibly related (in this log) is the fact I cannot play some files, possibly due to codec issues.
  • Probably not related: I have audio sync issues on some, but not all tvshows

Please advise, thanks


  • vlangvlang Posts: 1,615Members, Plex Employee, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Employee

    If the OS freezes, it's definitely a driver or hardware issue. I can only suggest to either update your driver or roll them back to a known working version, or to report the problem to the responsible developers.

  • FillynlFillynl Posts: 34Members ✭✭

    How can you tell whether the OS freezes? FWIW: this is vanilla Plex Embedded. I have not installed any drivers on this system.

  • vlangvlang Posts: 1,615Members, Plex Employee, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Employee

    Oh, sorry, I confused it with a generic Linux build.

    The involved hardware, files, etc., seem all pretty standard, and together with a "hard freeze" I assumed the OS froze, thus the kernel or the drivers could be causing this. With Embedded, it could just be that PMP freezes while the OS is fine.

    When it freezes, is it possible to access the device with SSH or via network storage? If SSH is possible, then stopping PMP with kill -9 or so should send a crash report, which would show up in pmphelper.log.

  • FillynlFillynl Posts: 34Members ✭✭

    Will try tonight

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