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Plex icon not showing in my system tray

Morph_247Morph_247 Members Posts: 21 ✭✭

Ever sense day one when I 1st installed Plex, I cannot get the icon to show in my system tray. Ever. What's weird is that I have other Plex servers on other systems and the icon shows on them.

You know where you can check for updates, and load up the Plex page.

I have uninstalled PMS several times, and it still don't show up in my system tray.

I am running Windows 10 on all my systems, is there anything I can do to force this to show up?

I even went into the hide or show icons and it still don't show.


  • Morph_247Morph_247 Members Posts: 21 ✭✭

    Doesn't anyone know what to do? Or?

  • NewPlazaNewPlaza Members, Plex Pass Posts: 280 Plex Pass

    Is this the same issue you had back in January?

    Do you even see Plex as an option to turn on/off in notification settings?

  • Morph_247Morph_247 Members Posts: 21 ✭✭

    Again I have several PC's, the Plex Icon shows in the system tray, this PC for some reason is the only one that doesn't show in the system tray.

    No, I cannot see the app even in hide/unhide icons

  • grhinergrhiner Members, Plex Pass Posts: 87 Plex Pass
  • leelyndsleelynds Members, Plex Pass Posts: 905 Plex Pass
    edited May 18

    Probably a stupid question, but from your other post regarding the problem.

    Plex will not show the icon in my task manager. I have to load it each time.

    are you sure you have the Plex server configured to start up automatically? I have the server installed on one Windows 10 computer, and have the automatic start disabled because I only want the server running if I am testing something. Because of that, the app doesn't show in hide/unhide icons in task manager or in the system tray until I manually start the server...

    You can enable it in the Task Manager in the "Startup" tab if it has accidentally become disabled. I suspect that auto-start may be one of those settings that sticks, even when you have un-installed and re-installed unless you have manually deleted all registry entries.

  • NewPlazaNewPlaza Members, Plex Pass Posts: 280 Plex Pass

    Honestly, every system is different. Even though all of your machines are Win10. There must be something different, an update, hot fix, KB download, configuration setting. Something on that OS is causing the issue.

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