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Plex is always Transcoding when subtitles are ON


My Setup is :
TV : Samsung UE60KU6000
Plex : PMS on Synology DS412+.

Using DLNA I can read every files in my libraries (every audio languages, with or without subs) but of course without this pretty nice Plex interface.
If I use Plex App it works very well if I disable subs but it transcode everything if I enable it.

That's pretty annoying, especially for 4K movies because it use a lot of my Synology resources and sometimes freeze it.

Isn't it possible to use only Plex Interface to launch every files in "DLNA mode" ?
Which will totally disable transcoding.
I know that I will (maybe) not be able to read some files but I really don't care, I always use files that my TV is capable to read.

Many thanks,


  • playerlessplayerless Posts: 16Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    i second this!

  • ivancastellivancastell Posts: 10Members ✭✭

    I'm all for it. Use the app interface to browse and launch the file over DLNA (to avoid transcoding).

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