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Nvidia Shield Plex - Issues - Not saving progress etc etc

pklifterpklifter Posts: 5 Plex Pass


Has anyone else had issues with their Plex on the shield since the last update (which was awhile ago). Mine has stopped remembering where I'm up to, when say I pause it, I come back and its like it didn't know I watched it at all. It seems to only really happen for TV Shows, not movies.

Also since the update the web browser layout has changed. it almost seems like its now using an older display version of it. It's horrendous to navigate compared to the last version.

Anyway I wanted to know that I'm not alone with these annoying bugs. and if any one knows if these are being worked on for the next update?

Kind Regards


  • pklifterpklifter Posts: 5 Plex Pass

    Must be just my shield then I guess.

  • timstephens24timstephens24 Posts: 275 Plex Pass

    I haven't had this issue with my old Shield or new Shield Pro.

  • FordGuy61FordGuy61 Posts: 37 Plex Pass
    edited May 25

    Haven't had the issue with my new Shield Pro. Check for updates. The public and PlexPass versions of client and PMS were both updated this month.

    Also, no issues with Plex Web. Layout (movie / tv) is easy to navigate on Win10/Chrome, but I mainly use ShieldTV, so wouldn't really notice changes in Web. V3.7 was released yesterday.

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