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Can I use Plex to improve my playstation setup?

The CurlsThe Curls Posts: 1Members

So a while ago I ripped all my dvds onto a hard drive and I have that hard drive plugged into my playstation. Which works really well because whenever I watch a movie it is really only through the playstation onto my tv whether it be a dvd or Netflix or whatever. But the interface on the playstation is really bad and I was looking for a way to improve this, google search says plex.

So I download the plex app on my playstation to find out I need an account which I can only setup on my laptop. Then is says it can't connect to the server so I then find out that I need to download an app on my laptop as well. Done all this and the program won't open.

I can uninstall it and start again but I am a little worried that i'm going to all this effort and this isn't going to achieve what I want it to achieve. Why do I need a program on my laptop so a program on my playstation can read files on my playstation? Is this just setting up the program and I need to change some settings or will I be in a situation where I need my laptop switched on just to have the nice interface?

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