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Roku loses connection to Plex after about a week of non-use

DarrylYustDarrylYust Posts: 2Members

I have three Roku 3 (4230) boxes on different TV's around the house, and they all experience this symptom.
Normally, all Roku and my Plex server are connected together via Wifi and play nicely together. All are up to date with latest versions. Plex is usually the only app run on any of the Roku.

However, when I haven't used a particular Roku for a while (about a week), the next time I turn it on it has lost connection to the Plex server...."No content available". The affected Roku is still connected to the network in other ways (other apps work fine, network test is healthy). The Plex server is also healthy and can be used by other devices. Exiting and restarting the Plex app doesn't fix it, nor does reconnecting to the Wifi network thru the Roku Settings UI. The only fix I've found is to actually reboot the Roku box.

The only slight oddity in my network environment is that I'm using a pair of Orbi mesh routers to cover the whole house.

My question:
How can I keep Roku and Plex connected so I don't have to reboot a Roku box if I haven't used it in a while?


  • DarrylYustDarrylYust Posts: 2Members

    Bueller? Bueller?

    Is there a more appropriate place for this sort of tech support question?

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