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Error: not enough bandwidth for any playback



  • LostPotatoLostPotato Posts: 1Members

    On (installed from .deb on Ubuntu 17.10), I had this problem with every video I tried. @sa2000 one of the videos I used for my testing is the Harmy's Star Wars Despecialized edition. (Legal to download and watch if you own a copy of the movie)

    I can confirm the solution posted above: Play one problematic movie, once, for a few seconds, from the player built into the server. Then on a fresh start of the Roku client app, ALL movies work fine.

    What happens the first time you play a movie on the server device? Is there a first time process where it locates the transcoding libraries, perhaps?

  • richihiatusrichihiatus Posts: 1Members

    My fix for this issue on Roku 3 client and a WD NAS Plex server was to go to the web page, Settings -> Debug -> uncheck Direct Play, and then reboot the Plex client app on Roku.

  • kayjay94kayjay94 Posts: 1Members

    Anyone streaming mpeg2 to Roku with Plex using transcoding I am getting the same error and have the latest version 1.10 do I really have to convert my whole library or should I get Nvidia Shield?

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