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Activation Refund

RykurexRykurex Posts: 3Members ✭✭

Hello, I recently activated Plex on both Windows and Google Play. I've been very confused about how I can actually access my media, for example I thought the only way I could view the media on my server via my phone was to use the activated app - but it turns out that whilst I'm at home and connected to the WiFi this is not a requirement.

As I will only be using Plex whilst connected to my LAN, it seems I can do without the activated versions of the application.

Is it possible to be refunded for these purchases?

At the very least, is it possible to be refunded for the Windows purchase? I bought the Windows app from my home computer (which is also my server), as again, I was confused with how Plex actually worked. I have 0 Windows devices so that is 100% wasted money for me and that is frustrating.

Thank you for your time,

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