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Plex Quality on Tivo is Terrible After Reinstall

I'm running PMS on a QNap TS-251+ NAS device. I did something pretty stupid last month and had to reinstall PMS and rebuild my library. PMS works fine in a browser, both locally and remote, and on my mobile devices. However, when I play movies on my Tivo Roamio the quality is terrible. I understand that Tivo supports up to 720p but my movies are playing in Plex at what looks like 360p. This is happening with all movies, regardless of their native resolution and it's only happening on the Tivo; the same movies on my Fire Stick look just fine.

I have Direct Play and Direct Stream enabled, and have tried toggling those off and on, with no success. I've tried changing the streaming quality settings for local, remote, and online to 4Mbps 720p (as well as other settings) with no luck.

The thing is, before I rebuilt PMS the same movies played in higher quality to the same Tivo device. Something seems to have changed during the rebuild and I can't figure out what it is. Is there some magical setting that I've missed? Should I give up on Plex on Tivo and just stick with what works? Any ideas for troubleshooting?

Thanks for any and all advice.

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