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Updating to on Ubuntu 15.04 breaks super user privileges?

cstokes86cstokes86 Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Hi folks,

The other day I noticed I couldn't sudo from the 1 user account I created on my Ubuntu instance. Unable to determine why I restored to a previous image of my server that had no updates or channels added. This instance was running Plex media server 1.5.2. I found that I could sudo from my "media" account without issues.

I performed the installation of plexmediaserver_1.6.1.3722-4955e31cf_amd64.deb per usual. Everything seemed normal, until I rebooted.

Upon reboot I could still login without issues, but now when I try to sudo anything (even rebooting) it says the media user isn't in the sudoers file:

This is a very basic installation of Ubuntu with no additional applications installed other than what's required during the installation.

I'm unable to determine what changed during the installation of the package and it certainly has never happened before. Any thoughts or suggestions would be very much appreciated, otherwise I may end up building a non-Ubuntu server and see if the issue persists.



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