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Running Plex from an external (USB WD MyBook) Drive

jaca.rjaca.r Posts: 6Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I have scoured the forums for this information and I find various answers to ALMOST my question. So I'm going to list what I've tried, and what I hypothesize, and if someone would be kind enough to tell me if it would work (and if not, what will) that would be awesome.

Set up PMS on my primary 120GB Windows drive (C:). It worked PERFECTLY.
The downside was that the metadata used 80GB of space, so I decided it needed to move.
Tried following instructions from here to move metadata and related folders to a 3TB WD MyBook (G:), but then server wouldn't load (500 error).
Uninstalled everything, moved the entire library to G:\Movies and G:\TV
Installed Plex to G:\Plex
I can now connect to the PMS from everywhere across the network but NONE of the metadata shows up the way it did while running from C:\
I've Analyzed, Refreshed, and FileBotted over and over again. No joy.

I have a limited knowledge of networking, and need to know what folders do I have to move so that PMS will run the beautiful way it did when it was all installed on C:\ yet not hog my entire hard drive.

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  • jaca.rjaca.r Posts: 6Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Thank you for the quick response!

    1) I don't mind the PMS directory being so large, because I like the perks that go with it. I have PLENTY of space available to accommodate it everywhere else but my C:\ drive, so if I can allocate it to the correct places, it will all be ok.

    2) I thought that when I installed PMS to G:\ that it put the database on G:\ as well. But by that time I was frustrated and confused, so I'm not really sure what happened other than the damn thing wouldn't connect to my PC or my FireTV. That was when I uninstalled/deleted it from G:\

    3) I did move the plex data folder I think the way was recommended in that link, but I will try it again to make sure. Am I to assume that if I move it correctly, the database/metadata will collect on G:\ and the PMS launches from C:\?

    I wish I could just leave it all on C:\ as it worked perfectly there, I just can't spare the space for the database.

    3a) I don't think my G:\ drive shuts itself down. What's the worst case scenario if it does?

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