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subtitles Lost when Merging Multi Format Movies(DVD and BluRay)

dterry23dterry23 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 4 Plex Pass

Issue: When a movie is merged with another movie (eg bluRay and DVD quality) in the same folder the subtitles are lost
Current running Version on Windows 10
How to recreate the issue:
I converted Hidden Figures in both DVD and BluRay. The DVD has subtitles (VOBSUB) included in the M4V file. The BluRay current does not have any subtitles included. I have them in the same folder named as indicated below
Hidden Figures (2016) - 1080p.m4v
Hidden Figures (2016) - 480p.m4v
when the movies are merged together i can see in the info of the movie the following subtitle
Bitrate 6 kbps
Language English
Stream Identifier 6
But the drop down for subtitles shows "NONE"
but when i split the movies apart then all the subtitles for the DVD show up.
I get if i select a subtitle that is only available for the lower grade DVD i will be forced to a lower quality movie and the mater of the fact is I am ok with that because i asked for subtitles and that is the only file that contains them but to hid them and not show the exists this is a bug.



  • JuiceWSAJuiceWSA Members Posts: 4,778 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited May 19

    Plex uses the highest resolution version as it's default - you already know that part.

    One Solution is to 'Spit' the 'Merged' versions into two separate items - then play the item with the subs when necessary.

    Another Solution is to go and get an SRT sub file for the one you don't have:

    A Movie Library:
    .....Hidden Figures (2016) [DVD Rip W Subs].xxx
    .....Hidden Figures (2016) [BluRay].xxx
    .....Hidden Figures (2016) [BluRay].lang.srt <--- replace 'lang' with your language code.
    (run time is the only 'required' condition to match a suitable srt file - and that it's UTF-8 format, of course)

    If the run time for both of your versions is the same you can, as yet another option, strip out an srt sub file with MKV Extract - packaged with MKVToolNix: https://mkvtoolnix.download/

    Note: it's way easier to just go to subscene and get a sub file. Using similar naming as the example above - and a well timed update, refresh or analyze, will make a sub title track available for your BluRay rip while it's still merged with your DVD rip.

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