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TVDB Metadata not loading

SynnSynn Posts: 47 Plex Pass


Anyone had an issue over the past couple of days whereby the metadata for TV shows isn't being pulled through. Status shows that it's refreshing metadata and then says finished, but not pulling any information.

Seems to be affecting Supernatural, Lip Sync Battle, and Criminal Minds at the minute

Any ideas?

I've checked and TVDB is up and the metadata is there

Best Answer

  • SynnSynn Posts: 47 Plex Pass
    Accepted Answer

    I've refreshed again and it looks like it's pulled it through this time (Grey's Anatomy, for example, pulled through on it's own)

    Guessing it was a temporary API glitch, but will follow this if it happens again and doesn't sort itself out.

    Thanks :)


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