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Using NFOs with Local Media Assets/XBMCnfoTVImporter

Kings-PlexKings-Plex Posts: 8Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Thanks for reading this first off.

I was getting tired of multi-episode shows not being scraped properly because of the way TVDB decided to order thing (which makes sense, but not for people that want to enjoy something the way it aired) so I read about using TinyMediaManager to create nfos and using XBMCnfoTVImporter plugin or local media assets.

Everything went swimmingly until I went to view the show: the titles are never showing correctly. If I use local media assets, it will just say "Episode 1, 2, etc.". If I use the XBMCnfoTVImporter agent, they will show the title as the episode's airdate, which of course is not how the nfo is formatted at all.

I have checked all of the settings in PMS and nothing seems to correlate to nfo's so I don't think that anything is set incorrectly. I have triple checked the formatting in the nfo's and I have made sure the settings in the agent plugin itself weren't messed with.

Is this something that can be rectified? I love Plex and I don't want to have to switch to something else but I'm so tired of having all of the multi-episode shows scrape improperly.

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