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Samsung BD player stops responding

Server: Plex Media Server V2.12.5 running on Windows 10 PC locally (both client and server ethernet connected to same router).

Client: Plex client for Samsung V2.006 (5th Sept 2016). Firmware V1012 running on Samsung BD-H8900M,

After running the Plex client successfully for several months on a Samsung BD-F8500, sadly the BD-F8500 failed and I replaced it with the slightly newer BD-H8500. However this suffered from serious lack of response problems (see below) and I therefore replaced it with a BD-H8900M which is basically the same as the BD-H8500 but with a 1TB drive instead of a 0.5TB drive. All these boxes are functionally similar, i.e. Blu-Ray players with twin DTT tuners for PVR and Smart Hub for apps.

THe BD-H8900M exhibits the same unresponsiveness problems as the BD-H8500. When the Plex client is first invoked, sometimes it just hangs, sometimes it gets a bit further, accessing the libraries on the server but refusing to select anything from a menu. The remote navigation keys (up, down, left, right) work fine but the select button in the middle does nothing. I have to exit the app using the Exit key on the Samsung remote. The keys and battery on the remote are perfect as they all work correctly in all other apps and using the TV and PVR functions. Restarting the Plex app normally sorts the problem out although occasionally a second try is required or even a reboot of the Samsung box. The same problem existed on both the Samsung units with their respective remotes.

The Windows server is fine. I can always access it separately using a Plex client on a Roku stick. In fact I also have access to another (remote) Plex server. The problem is with the client app on both these Samsung boxes as it would not even be possible when it is not working to choose a different server without hitting the select button.

Is this a problem that anyone else has experienced or reported? Although I have a workaround by restarting the app, there seems to be a problem with this specific generation of Samsung Blu-Ray players BD-H - being in the UK, these will be European models. Is this likely to be fixed (Samsung firmware or Plex app) or is there something I should tweak in the settings or should I just get another Roku and abandon using the Samsung app?


  • littlegreendelllittlegreendell Posts: 2Members

    Still have fault running Samsung Plex client 2.08 on BD-H8500m accessing either of two separate Windows PCs running Plex Media Servers. All works fine using Plex on Roku. However I much prefer the Samsung Plex interface but it' has one serious fault.
    o Select Plex app on Samsung BD-H8500m
    o Navigate libraries, select video and play it. Works.
    o Play another video. Works.
    o Exit Plex.
    o Select Plex app again
    o Navigate libraries (up/down/right/left). Works.
    o Try to select (OK/Select button between the navigation buttons) does absolutely nothing. Can't even confirm Exit from the app. Have to use the Exit button to get out.
    o Switch BD-H8500m to Standby and Switch on again.
    o Again it works until the Plex app is exited. Then fails.
    Does anyone else have this problem?
    It's otherwise a great app.

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