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Remote Access not working unless I disable Windows Firewall

RykurexRykurex Posts: 3Members ✭✭

I'm getting the error: Not available outside your network. Your server is signed in to Plex, but is not reachable from outside your network.

So far I have done the following: enabled port forwarding with the in/out both as 32400 and ticked "Manually Specify Port" in Plex and set this to 32400.

I've also ensured I have a static IP address on my router and that UPnP (I think that's the acronym) is enabled.

All of this did not fix the problem. Next I disabled my Windows Firewall, and the problem was fixed. I turned my firewall back on, and the problem came back, so that indicates to me the problem is my firewall. I went into the Advanced Settings and added a new Inbound Rule > Ports > Type: TCP > Local Specific Port: 32400 / Remote: Any ports. I then did the same thing for UDP because my friend suggested it. Still, the problem persists.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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