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PMS 1.3.4+ on Freenas manual install

nick779nick779 Posts: 12Members ✭✭

Is there a way to manually install/is PMS 1.3.4 and up compatible with Freenas 9.3

Ive tried the PMS updater, as well as doing the portupgrade route, and neither will let me go past 1.3.3


  • ValdhorValdhor Posts: 501Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    9.3 is pretty old. You should be on 9.10 at the very least.

  • ahughes03ahughes03 Posts: 179Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    @nick779 I'd be willing to guess that you can't upgrade past 1.3.3 due to your jails being outdated.

    1) SSH into your jail and run "pkg -vv"
    2) Look at the end of the readout for something like this:

    FreeBSD: {
    url : "pkg+http://pkg.FreeBSD.org/freebsd:10:x86:64/latest",

    If your "url" isn't freebsd:10, then your jails are as up-to-date as they can be. Time to upgrade your OS, and you might even need to migrate plex to a new jail

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  • sremicksremick Posts: 1,142Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I am on 9.10 but still had an old jail from way back, which eventually aged to the point where I couldn't upgrade Plex inside of it. I eventually broke down and did the proper thing of making a new jail from scratch, which didn't end up being as painful as I thought. If you set it up right, all your media is a separate mount inside the jail, so the only thing you need to do is migrate your Plex settings. I tar-ed it all up into a file I dropped on the media share then extracted it all back into the new jail. This was the most painful part mostly due to the time involved. Pro-tip: install rsync in your new jail while you can so that migrating the data next time between the old and new jails goes faster.

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