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roku 7.6.0 4125 rebooting ?

eetjtleetjtl Posts: 496 ✭✭✭

Anyone having this issue?
Is plex working with roku on this?

My sister emailed me about. I'm not having this issue but I'm at 7.6.0 4120.

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  • JuiceWSAJuiceWSA Posts: 4,839 ✭✭✭✭✭


    Plex Media Server.log
    Was watching The Blacklist, stopped a few times (life called), then at:
    22:20:39:529 a lockup occurred, not followed by a reboot.
    The Roku might as well have rebooted because it was out to lunch. I regained some control only to find out the server was MIA. I checked, just to be sure, and the server was right where I left it. I went ahead and rebooted the Roku and it all came back.

    In that sequence of events following the time given above the Roku was deeply involved in trying to find a suitable sub title - when none existed - and was trying so hard apparently it couldn't do anything else and... Booom!.
    Hummmm. This is ringing a bell and it's tone is not very melodic.
    The old Roku Captions Mode (being ON) rolls over and cuts a big one?
    (I guess at this point I'll turn it off and see what happens)

    I have no idea what's going on, but at least we have a target area.

    I will inform Roku Dale of my latest evidence, anecdotal as it may be.

  • JuiceWSAJuiceWSA Posts: 4,839 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I was fiddling with Audio Streams (my quest to create some kind of audio stream that isn't DTS). The Roku 3 locked up several times in quick succession. I'll edit here and run those logs in - right after Daily Maintenance has completed.

  • JuiceWSAJuiceWSA Posts: 4,839 ✭✭✭✭✭

    By the time I got to it the logs were outdated. Luckily (well not lucky) there's plenty of spontaneous rebooting:

    Plex Media Server.log
    May 24, 2017 14:53:18.969 - checked in, started Mechanic Resurrection - almost immediate lock up followed by spontaneous reboot.

    I wish this hadn't been marked as Answered because it surely hasn't been. @ljunkie ? Hello?

  • eetjtleetjtl Posts: 496 ✭✭✭

    Sorry I can't figure out how to uncheck answered.
    (My initial question was answered in that roku and plex are aware)
    Though the issue does still exist atleast my sister tells me it does.

    What roku do you have the issue with?
    My sister is a roku 2xs 3100.

  • JuiceWSAJuiceWSA Posts: 4,839 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Roku is aware. We still don't know anything about Plex's current awareness.

    It will take a forum administrator to 'unmark' an answer.

    A previously stable/rock solid Roku 3 (4200) is in use here. The 2HD will go back into service soon - it's user is on vacation, but that unit only runs RARflix.

    Speaking of RARflix, and while we wait for some type of Plex response, or investigation, I have been using RARflix exclusively for the last 20 hours or so. No rebooting of the Roku 3 to report at this time. I do like and can tolerate the official app for end of season TV Show bingeing. Were I not using it fairly regularly in that capacity I'd probably not even know there was an issue.

    Now that I've provided two sets of log files with road maps to the times of detonation there's really little else I can do in this investigation (if there is one) apart from the occasional bump (I will certainly be doing that). I will be using RARflix until I come up against something it won't do or won't do well and we'll see if it causes an explosion of the Roku 3 and the accompanying spontaneous reboot.

  • ljunkieljunkie Plex Dev Team Posts: 4,798 Plex Employee
    edited May 25

    Hey all. We have submitted a bug report to Roku regarding the 7.6 b4125. Something has regressed in that firmware that we are unable to fix on our side. The reboot issues logged in the Roku forums are not only related to the Plex channel. You may also notice intermittent poster failures while browsing the Plex channel, and the only way to fix that temporarily is to reboot the Roku. No other firmware is affected. We'll update this thread when we have more info.

  • JuiceWSAJuiceWSA Posts: 4,839 ✭✭✭✭✭


    I haven't noticed the poster issue, but my Roku is rebooting frequently on it's own and I was staying pretty much within On Deck for TV Show bingeing so that may keep me from detecting other issues.

    Appreciate the response.

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