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Camera Uploads stopped working

returntripreturntrip Members, Plex Pass Posts: 15 Plex Pass
edited May 20 in Android (mobile)

Camera upload was working perfectly fine until a week or so ago.

I get the message that it is uploading 33 pictures but in reality it is not uploading.

Can someone from the support team help me with reviewing the logs please?


  • adutchmanadutchman Members, Plex Pass Posts: 6 Plex Pass

    I am seeing a similar problem with the camera upload function.

    From time to time, it says that it is uploading (notification on lock screen, etc.) but Remaining shows 0. Sometimes I can just disable and re-enable Camera upload but sometimes it takes restarting my phone. This is a minor annoyance.

    In any case, all pictures are already uploaded. It seems to do this whenever I use the camera and does that well.

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