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Is it ok to run PMS while restoring Library?

TheeGoochTheeGooch Posts: 63Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I recently wiped my media storage volume ( media file only! ) and am restoring movie files from Backblaze cloud backup. The restore is packaged as big zip files that I download and unzip to my media volume. I get about 1 file every 15 hours, and I am wondering what Plex will do if I start it up before all the files are restored.

Will it delete the missing movies from my library? Or will the unrestored movies appear in Plex app but be unplayable until the restore is done? I'm hoping for the latter, but I won't start my PMS server until I'm sure it's safe to do so.

As a side note, I've never done a restore from the cloud before. I didn't realize how slow and complicated it could be.

The deeds today, echo in eternity. - Maximus

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  • TheeGoochTheeGooch Posts: 63Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    @jmckee said:
    If you currently have no media then I would recommend not turning on the PMS. (If you have no media currently then there is no need to have the PMS running).

    If you do have media (or just want to run the server anyway) then I would go into your server settings and make sure Empty Trash automatically after every scan' is disabled (unchecked).

    While files will be scanned and the server will noticed they are missing, they will simply be marked with a trash can symbol meaning that they are inaccessible. If you have the empty trash option enabled then the server will automatically delete the items from the server. With them disabled the server should recognize them and mark them as available as they get re-added to your media folders.

    I found the setting under "Library" with "Advanced Settings" and it was enabled. Question though, it it doesn't empty trash after every scan , when would it empty the trash? Never?

    The deeds today, echo in eternity. - Maximus

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