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best Linux for plex

Sku11me1sterSku11me1ster Members Posts: 3 ✭✭

Hi, i have a machine that currently runs Win 10 Pro, and plex and its basically on 24/7
Now its due a reinstall as its getting laggy, and i was looking at maybe putting Linux on it instead. Its an i3 2120 3.30GHz with 4GB ddr.

I didnt realise there were different versions of Linux and im a bit confused, is it worth putting linux on this server instead or should i just reinstall win 10 pro?


  • NetflixSucksNetflixSucks Members, Plex Pass Posts: 38 Plex Pass

    I would give fedora a try. It's really stable and had an app store. You can also install apps by tryping yum install. If not available add the repo and then using the .rpm if supported.

  • KutabidKutabid Members Posts: 6 ✭✭

    You would be mad not to put Ubuntu based distro at the top of your list first. Arguably widest hardware compatibility, software availability & tech help.

    Lubuntu for lightest, simplest. Xubuntu for a bit more full featured. Kubuntu 17.04 for beautiful full desktop environment but still good resource usage. The Gnome versions are too heavy on resources, avoid.

    If you're technically skilled you may of course just install the server version of Ubuntu & run it headless.

    Check your hardware for compatibility.

    Fedora : newer application packages but much heavier on resources than other distro's & reputation for beta type instability. Not recommended for most folks.

    Manjaro : Very up to date core system & applications. Excellent stability & out of box experience. You fore go easy access to peripherals drivers such as printers/scanners as most manufacturers do not provide their drivers in a form for Arch based Linux distro's. Some are packaged by volunteers.

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