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Windows 10 crash (freeze) when used with Plex Server

plhmk@tin.itplhmk@tin.it Posts: 1Members

When i connect to my Plex server from a PC (Linux or Windows) after 5 10 minutes of play video (not 4k) the PC windows 10 with the Plex server "freeze" and i need reset and restart Windows.
This PC used with other programs run correctly (AMD 9590, 8 Gb RAM).
If i don't connect any PC to Plex server i don't have any problem.
Plex server is the last version
Windows 10 64 with last update 1703
Attached log files


  • AlexBoyd57AlexBoyd57 Posts: 2Members

    I have found that using the latest Plex Server on the latest version of windows 10 x64 causes issues when I use my LG smart TV and Plex client to access the server. If I try to browse my video files, after a several minutes windows will actually perform a power off shutdown. I removed Plex Server and no longer have shutdown problems on my machine.
    It appears several people have the same issue is there any likelyhood that this may be addressed.
    Alex B

  • AlexBoyd57AlexBoyd57 Posts: 2Members

    I thought I might just add that I have found that the problem seems to lie with Python 32 bit, which is used by PLEX.....
    Although you can assign affinity settings to plex which makes it slightly more stable, if you run an installation or python based app it can cause the installation to fail or the windows 10 machine to freeze...... especially if you try to access the server settings while a second or third python instance is running. I have also noticed that after a few days of running there appear to be several instances of Python 32 bit running via task manager associated with PLEX but not used (so taking up Virtual memory space but not being accessed by PLEX. This would appear to indicate that it is time for PLEX to be recompiled to use Python 64 bit for windows 10 creative update......

  • VitorMachVitorMach Posts: 2Members

    I just had a similar problem, but no device was even using Plex at all, it was simply initializing my music library (therefore performing lots of I/O). The computer simply froze on the desktop.
    Windows 10 and all drivers are updated.
    The Windows event log has no useful information, it just says that a Kernel-Power event happened (because I had to reset it).

    This computer is very stable, I frequently play demanding games for hours on it...
    HDD S.M.A.R.T. reports it's fine.

    ASRock Z97 Killer | i3-4170 (stock clocks) | GTX 1060 6GB (stock clocks) | 8GB RAM | Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (x64) Build 16299.19

  • VitorMachVitorMach Posts: 2Members

    I have been running it for a couple of minutes again. It doesn't look like it's leaking memory, this is how it looks like now:

    The number of Python processes is stable. Memory consumption is stable so far.

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