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Resolution Filter not working for Series view

janb14janb14 Members Posts: 3

I noticed the custom filter setting for resolution only works if single episode listing is enabled. If i choose season mode or even series mode i get an unknown error. Something seems to be wrong with the Resolution information of whole seasons and series.


  • janb14janb14 Members Posts: 3

    Btw im running
    server version
    web app 3.2.1

  • chrishoagechrishoage Members, Plex Employee, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Posts: 105 Plex Employee

    Sounds like a bug that was fixed recently.

    Try on plex.tv/web

  • janb14janb14 Members Posts: 3

    Sadly even after updating to the newest server version the bug consists. I also pressed every update button and renwal that was available, so i guess its a bug in the software.

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