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How to clean the Database ??

vincenvincen Posts: 1,060Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass


After some investigations with Plex guy it looks like I have some issues in my database (request that takes too long without reasons, and some errors). He suggested me to do the dump but it didn't change much of the problem. I'm checking db and I noticed that there is some important qtities of records that look incomplete or rest of stuffs that don't exist anymore ! Normally the optimisation of db in Plex is supposed to clean all these remaining craps no ?
What can I do to clean it more deeply and get it working correctly ? I didn't find anything on the net for more deeply cleaning and optimisation as I don't want to rebuild the whole library (too many medias with manual detection and too many users plus lost status of read, forget it !). Or isn't there a way to export it by an SQL request that would in same time clean all partial stuffs incomplete or bad records ?

Thanks for help,


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