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Desperate for help with photos in a slideshow for a google photos client

yoadster@gmail.comyoadster@gmail.com Posts: 78Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Hi all, I've almost finished a channel that displays albums and photos from google photos but have hit an issue i just cannot seem to resolve.

The albums are loading without issue and displaying the thumbs, when clicking on an album it displays the thumbs of the photos in the albums but when i click on a photo and the slideshow starts it shows the cropped thumbnail not the actual image itself. I have outputted the urls I get back from the api i am calling and there is a cropped and original which i am passing to the thumb and url parameters.

The slideshow plays......just with the thumb, not the url. This doesnt however seem to be happening in the ios client.

Here is the code I am using to generate the photos in the album view which in-turn launches the slideshow in the web client:

@route(PREFIX + '/photos')
def GetPhotos(id,title):
oc = ObjectContainer(no_cache=True,view_group="Images")
oc.title1 = title
photos = gd_client.GetFeed('/data/feed/api/user/%s/albumid/%s?kind=photo' % (Prefs['email'], id))

for photo in photos.entry:
    url = photo.media.content[0].url
    title = photo.media.title.text.split(".")[0].upper()
    thumb = photo.media.thumbnail[2].url
    oc.add(CreatePhotoObject(url, title, thumb))

return oc

def CreatePhotoObject(url,title,thumb,include_container=False):

photo_obj = PhotoObject(
    key = Callback(CreatePhotoObject,url=url,title=title,thumb=thumb, include_container=True),
    title = title,
    thumb = thumb,
    items = [
            parts = [

if include_container:
    return ObjectContainer(objects=[photo_obj])
    return photo_obj

I've just got no idea where on earth I am going wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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