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extern Webplayer 3.9.0 don't starts photo slideshows from channels

rols1rols1 Posts: 447Members ✭✭✭

The problem affects only slideshows started by channels.

In the last versions of Webplayer (https://app.plex.tv/web/app) the slideshow showed cropped photos. The newest version 3.9.0 does not start at all.

After some tests with different parameters I compared two sessions:

  • slideshow with the old webplayer 2.7.0 (which works)
  • slideshow with 3.9.0

I traced the last steps until start of slideshow with chrome's developer-tools. The HAR-output of v3.9.0 shows the call of the last picture in the overview and then closes with a stacktrace from Javascript vendors-1-05ee7eb11f0adf375042-plex-3.9.0-2e66adb.js.

In the attached file the one,-line-trace-output is manually line-breaked.
The last part of trace shows "TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined".

Could someone help me to run the slideshow in 3.9.0?

Plugins: ARDMediathek2016, Plex-Plugin-KIKA_und_tivi, Plex-Plugin-3Sat_Mediathek, Plex-Plugin-Flickr, Plex-Plugin-TagesschauXL, Plex-Plugin-Phoenix_Mediathek


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