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IMDB ratings

chenkschenks Posts: 928Members ✭✭✭

why do only a few of my movies have the IMDB rating showing, and others just have a star percentage?

seems to be totally random as to which ones show the IMDB rating.


  • chriskeenschriskeens Posts: 60Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I had to refresh the metadata for loads of mine to get the IMDB rating to show. Sometimes just a simple 'refresh metadata' worked. Sometimes I had to use the 'fix match' and 'automatch' using the Plex agent

  • chenkschenks Posts: 928Members ✭✭✭

    both of these are new additions to the library though.
    in fact ChiPS was added after the other one.

  • chriskeenschriskeens Posts: 60Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Yeah, it seems quite inconsistent when pulling the IMDB scores. I had to recently set up Plex from scratch and about 20% didn't pull the rating automatically. All were fixed with a refresh/rematch though.

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