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BUG: Plex improperly forces transcoding HEVC content to chromecast ultra in android app

beepboop141beepboop141 Posts: 33Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

The title is fairly informative: If you have HEVC video content, even at 1080 or 720, and at bitrates and resolutions that need no transcoding, chromecasting from plex for android to a chromecast ultra forces the transcode of HEVC to h264. The chromecast ultra natively supports HEVC, so this is a problem.

Logs can be provided if necessary, but this is incredibly easy to reproduce and I know others who have experienced the same issue.

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  • masonenglishmasonenglish Posts: 34Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Same issue

  • Jose00Jose00 Posts: 48Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Try using an older version of the Android App. The latest ones with the quality settings seem to have broken this. I think I had success going back to 5.9.x

  • StrongestOfMenStrongestOfMen Posts: 2Members Plex Pass

    I've started using the BubbleUpNp app/server to play all of my 4k/hevc/h265 content on my chromecast. I have been trying for a couple weeks to get plex to direct play this content, with no luck. I have the profile setup to recognize directplay for this content, no luck!

    I have a theory, maybe someone out there will be able to verify it:
    The gen 1 and 2 chromecast only supports h264, whereas the ultra has support for hevc/h265. My theory is that when plex asks for the renderer's info, it is not recognizing the ultra, just seeing it as a regular gen 1 or 2 cc. Anyone have any thoughts on the matter? With all the hubub out there about plex/ cc ultra, you would think they would get on this!

  • romanplextvromanplextv Posts: 39Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited July 2017

    same issue with 4k stream with chromecast ultra....
    how to disable transcoding? it's killing my unraid atom 8 cores server.

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