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Error : "Playback was not possible: Not enough bandwidth for any playback of this item.."

cjblckwl82cjblckwl82 Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

My wife's computer is getting this error message on the Web Interface when trying to play some TV shows.
This is on the local network, the files are are pretty small (500mb). There isn't an option to drop the quality, the message just refreshes every few seconds.

She can download the episode just fine from the web interface and it's fast 30+ mbps

I checked the upload settings on the server and it's blank which my understanding is no limit.
No other computers on the local network are having this issue and we are using Plex everyday but for some reason hers is having issues.

She is on wireless (so are the other PCs and hers is closest to the AP).
I checked her connection to the AP and ran an internet speed test (even though technically this is all local) and it was blazing fast for us (40mbps DL)

Does anyone have any ideas?


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