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Xbox One S causing plex to crash

bdab68bdab68 Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

So is anyone else having this issue and know of a fix? First off I want to say I know the Xbox one s instant on feature can cause issues as it was causing my Nighthawk X10 to crash. After doing a reset of the Xbox it has corrected that issue as of now. However now I have been having an issue every morning with my plex server crashing. I use the X10 with a WD 2TB HD as my plex server. After scratching my head for several days trying to figure out what might be the problem I thought about the Xbox. I use the Xbox plex app for watching my movies and shows. So I decided to not use the Xbox and leave the plex app closed and no longer have the issue. Something within the Xbox and the Plex is causing the server to crash. Any help of any kind on this issue would be helpful. For now I'll just watch it on my Samsung TV however that has an issue as well but I'll leave that to another post since that at least doesn't cause my server to crash. Thank you to anyone who is able to help!

Note: everything plays great on the Xbox. The problem seems to happen after I turn the Xbox off. Than when I start it back up in the morning. I'm assuming it has to do with the instant on feature as it never really shuts the system down and only puts it to sleep. So I'm assuming the plex app is staying on even though I fully close the app before turning the Xbox off. This seems like the problem to me but I don't know of how to fix it other than 1) not use plex on Xbox 2) turn off instant on. Neither of these options make me happy however I must do what I must do.


  • jmckeejmckee Posts: 5,030Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Ninja

    Sorry about the delay in response. Ideally we would need to see the Plex Media Server log after the xbox crashes the server.

    My hunch would be that something is happening during the maintenance period interacting with the server that could be causing the crash, but the logs should show what was happening right before the crash.

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