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GundyGundy Posts: 306Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Version: 3.2.20
OS: Windows 10 Pro (PC) 64bit

I am currently receiving the following error when attempting to play a previously synced video:
The video failed to play

I do not know what version of the app / PMS this video was synced with, all I can say that I synced the video a week ago and that I update PMS about every other week.

If there is any other information that would be helpful in putting this issue to resolved, please don't hesitate to ask.

Again, thanks for this wonderful piece of software!


  • ljf3ljf3 Posts: 7Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Hey Gundy! Did you ever figure this out? I have one video in particular that this continues to happen to. My other videos are fine and this video only is a problem when I sync with Win 10 app.

  • elbwebelbweb Posts: 4Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I'm having a similar issue - about half of the videos I sync end up being unplayable due to this. Same error code.

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