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Plex Tuner Service is not stopping, preventing shut down of Plex service

zofrexzofrex Members, Plex Pass Posts: 4 Plex Pass


When I try to stop the plex service, it (rc.d) hangs indefinitely waiting for Plex Tuner Service to close. PTS is unresponsive to kill, and I have to kill -9 it to shut it down.


I'm running plexmediaserver- on FreeBSD-10.3-p19. I'm seeing the same behaviour on all 4 of my servers so hopefully this is easy to reproduce, but if not let me know and I'll try out different combinations!

By the way, I've been seeing it for a few versions of Plex now. I think it's been happening ever since Plex Tuner Service was introduced, but I'm not certain.

Steps to reproduce

When plex is started, run:

sudo service plexmediaserver stop

Check there are no plex processes left running, e.g. ps aux | grep -i plex


Plex shuts down and no plex processes are running.


The service command hangs indefinitely waiting for plex processes to shut down:

$ sudo service plexmediaserver stop
Stopping plexmediaserver.
Waiting for PIDS: 5892.
Cleaning up leftover child processes.
Waiting for PIDS: 5918 5917 5916 5896

If I kill it and check for processes, I see the Plex Tuner Service:

$ ps aux | grep -i plex | less
plex          5917   0.0  0.1 90552 6560  -  I    Sun12AM      0:06.31 /usr/local/share/plexmediaserver/Plex Tuner Service /usr/local/share/plexmediaserver/Resources/Tuner/Private /usr/local/share/plexmediaserver/Resources/Tuner/Shared 32600 /waitmutex

sudo kill 5917 doesn't help, it goes away with sudo kill -9 5917


  • sae24sae24 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 2 Plex Pass

    Thank U, I have the save situation when trying to restart. I'm using plexmediaserver- from ports. May be it will be fixed soon?

  • ManicheeManichee Members, Plex Pass Posts: 1 Plex Pass

    I have had this same issue ever since the Tuner service was added. I wish there was a way to completely disable the service as I do not have a tuner nor do I plan on buying one anytime soon.

  • ironcatironcat Members, Plex Pass Posts: 7 Plex Pass
  • zofrexzofrex Members, Plex Pass Posts: 4 Plex Pass

    This isn't quite the same as disabling it, although I suppose that would probably also fix that problem. The process appears to be completely locked up, as it won't respond to a polite request to quit, so presumably it wouldn't work for people who do want it on this system configuration either?

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