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Please Help! Long Delay Before Movie Starts and then Buffering

bchisenhallbchisenhall Posts: 7Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Can someone please help me figure out what is causing this. I am not able to use Plex with Xbox One anymore... I've tried looking through these logs but wouldn't recognize an issue if it hit me in the face...

When I start a movie, it takes a while before it starts. I just have a black screen but I can interact with it (play, pause, menu options are there) so I'm guessing it's buffering... then, when the movie starts, it plays for a couple seconds and then starts buffering again. After buffering, I get another couple seconds of play, then buffering.
Attached logs from my most recent attempt. I stopped server for a couple minutes, started it back up, browsed movies and then tried to play one. No verbose logging enabled.

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