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While streaming HDD just becomes dismounted, also preventing a restart of Windows

eydryaneydryan Members, Plex Pass Posts: 3 Plex Pass

At certain times, when streaming through Plex to my phone on the local wifi network, the stream abruptly stops with a generic error message. After that, if I try to continue streaming or open anything on plex, it just tries to load them, with no success or error message. Restarting or reinstalling the plex app does not help.

On the PC side, when this happens I usually notice my E: drive (on which the content resides) no longer shows drive capacity in windows, and cannot be accessed. This is not a problem with the drive, or windows, as it only happens when Plex is streaming. This does, however create a significant problem, as windows is no longer able to restart the machine after that, so unless I have physical access to manually power it down, I cannot get plex back up again.

Once this has happened, it is very likely it happens again during the same day. The stream starts up for a bit, then eventually the error happens again. After a few times, it doesn't happen for a while.


  • Bartlomiej BaraniecBartlomiej Baraniec Members, Plex Pass Posts: 2,009 Plex Pass

    It sounds like hardware problem more then Plex. Do you also access your E: by other tools then Plex?
    You are saying the it only happens during Plex playback, which means that drive is being accessed constantly.
    Could you test the drive by putting it to constant access like Plex would do? Try to copy data of it for an extended period of time.
    Next time the problem occurs try to kill explorer first and then try to restart Windows.
    Also check the drive, check the cable, change sata port on motherboard if possible.

  • eydryaneydryan Members, Plex Pass Posts: 3 Plex Pass
    edited July 2017

    As I previously mentioned, it is not a hardware issue.

    The drive is frequently under constant access and I have run some I/O tests as well as looked at the SMART data. This literally never happens except during Plex playback.

    If I try to access E after the bug has happened, explorer becomes unresponsive and it says access denied when trying to close it, probably why the restart fails as well.

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