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BUG: ? New Aspect Ratio Problems with 3.8.0


I have an LG OLED55B6P TV with software version 04.31.20. PMS is version and the Plex app is version 3.8.0.

All was well till a week ago but then suddenly the aspect ratio of all my movies viewed on the Plex app on my LG TV changed to full screen 16:9, regardless of their original aspect ratio or size. All other content (TV, home videos, pictures) displays normally. And the aspect ratio of movies is still normal when viewed on all other clients including the web app on the server PC and iPad, etc..

I tried adjusting the video settings but they made no difference. I also noticed that if I brought up the LG TV menu the aspect ratio adjustment option was set to original and it was greyed out. I could not select it to make a change.

Just based on timing I believe this is related somehow to the 3.8.0 update.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If any logs would help just let me know.


Best Answer


  • Gibber8Gibber8 Posts: 8Members ✭✭

    Correction: All video, not just movies, is displayed full screen 16:9. Still photos keep their original aspect ratio. Most of my TV and home video is native 16:9 so I did not notice at first, but any that is not is distorted, same as the movies.

  • Gibber8Gibber8 Posts: 8Members ✭✭

    Well this is strange. The problems has gone away! The firmware has not changed and I did not adjust any more settings but now when I bring up the TV picture menu the aspect adjustment is not greyed out, and when set for original, videos and movies display in their original aspect ratio. No idea what changed but I am glad it is back to normal! :)

  • Gibber8Gibber8 Posts: 8Members ✭✭

    most were 2.35, a few 1.85. But even a 1.33 video would get stretched to 1.78. It seemed like everything was getting adjusted to 1.78 which is what would happen if the TV picture aspect ratio setting were set to 16:9. The fact that the setting on the TV was greyed out would make me think it was a TV issue, but still no clue why it went away.

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